Termite Control Services

Protecting your property from the devastating damage caused by termites is our top priority at Krueger Pest Control. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing effective and reliable termite control services. With our comprehensive solutions, you can rest assured that your home or business will be safeguarded against these destructive pests.

Termite Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Planning to buy or sell a property? Our termite inspections, also known as Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections (WDI’s), are essential for real estate transactions. We thoroughly assess your property to identify any termite activity and provide detailed reports. Our inspections ensure transparency and help you make informed decisions during the buying or selling process.

Free Estimates for Termite Treatments

We understand that termite control is a significant investment. That’s why we offer free estimates for our termite treatments. Our experts will evaluate your property, taking into account the extent of infestation and other factors, to provide you with an accurate and transparent estimate. We believe in fair pricing and strive to deliver exceptional value for your investment.

Spot Treatments for Localized Activity

If you notice termite activity near plumbing penetrations or on the exterior of your property, our spot treatments are the ideal solution. Our skilled technicians will target these specific areas with precision, effectively eliminating termites and preventing further damage. With our spot treatments, you can address localized termite activity efficiently and proactively.

Partial Treatments for Multiple Locations

When termite activity is detected in multiple areas of your property, our partial treatments come into play. Our experts will devise a strategic plan to tackle termite infestations across different locations. By targeting each affected area individually, we ensure that termites are eradicated, mitigating the risk of extensive damage.

Exclusive Focus on Subterranean Species

At Krueger Pest Control, all our treatments are designed specifically for subterranean termite species. We specialize in combating these pests and have honed our techniques to provide the most effective solutions. For dry wood termites, which require fumigation, we recommend reaching out to a licensed company specializing in that category. Our focus on subterranean species allows us to deliver specialized expertise and outstanding results.

Choose Krueger Pest Control for Reliable Termite Control

When it comes to termite control, trust the experts at Krueger Pest Control. With our termite inspections for real estate transactions, free estimates, spot treatments, and partial treatments, we have the comprehensive solutions you need. Safeguard your property from termite damage and ensure peace of mind. Contact us today for a consultation and let our team protect your property from termites.

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